Laminate Flooring

Do people love laminate flooring because it is one of the most durable flooring materials on the market or because it’s available in more style and color options than you can find anywhere else? It can be tough to decide. To see what laminate has to offer, read over our online guide. Then, come into our store. Our resident experts will tell you anything you want to know about laminate flooring. If you want to learn about any other flooring or carpeting options, visit Wheeler’s Flooring America’s main page.

Laminate flooring offers the best combination of durability and style available for the price. And when you save on flooring without sacrificing quality, you give yourself more resources to complete your personal decorative vision for your home.

Laminate’s Decorative Potential

Laminate offers many more design options than most people realize. You can buy laminate in virtually any color to coordinate with the existing decor in your home. Laminate tiles and sheeting are available in a variety of patterns. Choose one for your floor or mix and match styles to create borders or visually separate a section of the room.

Some customers prefer laminate that doesn’t look like laminate at all. Today’s laminate comes in hardwood patterns with a realistic wood grain look to match a variety of species of wood. Stone options are available to create the expensive look of natural stone or tile for a fraction of the price.

Laminate’s Four-Layer Durability

Laminate is stronger than you think. Like a stone or tile floor, quality laminate will keep its color richness and luster throughout its lifetime. Laminate’s durability is largely due to its construction. Laminate tiles may look thin but they are constructed of four layers of strong material.

The Wear Layer

Laminate’s most durable layer is its wear layer. The wear layer is a thin, clear coat of aluminum oxide, a durable metal. The wear layer looks and feels no different than the laminate beneath it, but it is strong enough to stand between the laminate and the wear and tear of high traffic and every day spills, scuffs and accidents.

The Design Layer

The design layer is just below the wear layer. The design layer of quality laminate tile is actually a high resolution photograph. This photo realism is what gives the laminate tile its beautiful appearance and ability to mimic other more expensive flooring material. And because it is protected by the durable wear layer, its beauty won’t fade over time.

The Core Layer

Laminate’s core layer is next. The core layer is made out of construction-grade high-density composite board. You can’t see the core layer, but the core layer is what gives laminate tile the strength to stand up to heavy foot traffic. The composite board absorbs the shock of walking, running playing and heavy furniture without damaging the tile.

The Backing Layer

The backing layer is the final laminate layer that stands between the laminate and the sub floor beneath it. The backing layer helps the laminate adhere to the floors surface. It stands up to moisture which keeps the tile’s adhesive in place and prevents warping from moisture that may occasionally come out of the sub floor.

Durability and design are the qualities that have helped make laminate a flooring favorite for generations. No other flooring material offers the same degree of quality for the price. If you are considering installing laminate flooring in your home, visit our Installation page. We will teach you everything you need to know to transition your old flooring material to durable laminate.