Why We Blog

This week, we’re going to take a break from our regularly scheduled blog post to examine why we blog in the first place. At Wheeler’s Flooring America, we have had a highly visible online presence for some time. One way in which we achieved such visibility is by regularly posting updates to our blog. We’ve learned that making regular blog posts provides benefits to us and to our customers. Our customers can learn more about our products and services, and we can enhance our online marketing efforts.

Promoting Our Brand to our Community

Wheeler’s Flooring America faces a lot of competition. To stand out, we are happy to go the extra mile. We work hard to let people know what our brand is all about: quality, affordability, excellence and more. Through our blog, we can highlight our brand and promote our products. However, we don’t have to resort to spam or get in people’s faces. It’s a nice way to strike a reasonable balance, and it seems to be working!

Keeping Our Customers Informed

Our customers typically don’t know a whole lot about carpet or flooring. We can point them to our blog to learn more about a variety of flooring-related topics. Wheeler’s Flooring America has a staff of very experienced and well-informed people. We love sharing our knowledge with the world, and our blog lets us do so with ease.

Enhancing our SEO Efforts

Like so many other companies, Wheeler’s Flooring America uses search engine optimization, or SEO, to maintain a good ranking on the search engine results pages. People who need flooring in or near Salinas should be able to find us quickly through simple online searches. By including a few simple keywords in our blog posts, we can enhance our SEO efforts and keep our ranking in check.

Reaching Out to Prospective Customers

Finally, we’ve learned that making regular blog posts allows us to reach our to prospective customers in a really compelling way. When people land on a website that doesn’t appear to be active, they usually go elsewhere. Our site is updated regularly, and we add new blog posts all the time. Check back again soon or subscribe to the Wheeler’s Flooring America blog today!

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Check back regularly or subscribe to our blog to keep informed. And always feel free to stop by our flooring showroom at 500 N Main St in Salinas. Or call us at 831-424-1839.