Unfortunately, carpet is just not one of those items that gets better with age. Just like the upholstery, there is a time when all carpeting must go. Though you may have become sentimentally, and strangely, accustomed to that old shag fixture you have been looking at every day, you need to open your eyes to how bad it has gotten to be.

The carpet makes an enormous impact on the atmosphere of your home. When carpet needs to be replaced, one of the first things that are noticeable is spots and discoloration. It doesn’t’ matter how well you have cared for it, or have had it professionally cleaned. There is only so much that one can do to keep it looking nice. There is only so many cleanings that a poor carpet can bare. Eventually the grime, spots, and discolorations will catch up with it and make an unseemly impression.

Aged carpets also change in shape. They stretch and wrinkle up over time. The cushioning underneath will eventually flatten out. When you walk on it, you will feel like you are walking on a hard floor. You will see worn imprints in the common walk areas. With longer carpets, the material may become loose, and stick out in areas. It may become so bad you are resisting the urge to give it a trim with your scissors. The edges of the carpet will start to become unattached to the tacking in doorways. This situation may lead to a painful setback when walking around barefoot as the tacking is usually comprised of small nails sticking up from the floor.

When the carpet starts to smell, it is definitely time for it to go. A smelly carpet will give off an embarrassing musty and dirty smell. If you have pets, the smell of a carpet can turn putrid. Old carpets can become so smelly, that it does not matter how many air fresheners that you have in your home. Dishing out tons of money on carpet cleaners and perfumes to cover up the smell is just a waste of time. No air freshener in the world will illuminate the smell. Cleaning the carpet will likely just make it worse, as moisture will increase the risk of mildew.

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